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Comic Nail Design | Best Manicure Idea That You Should Try in 2023

Comic nails are a totally rad new way to show off your personality with your mani and express your love for comics! The possibilities here are endless. You can go bold by having each of your nails represent a different character, or stick with all the same design if you prefer. From classic superheroes to indie webcomics, comic nail art is bound to catch everyone's eye and spark conversation when they see your impressive creation. There's never been an easier way to pay homage to our favorite comics than making the coolest nail art that everyone's talking about!


Orange nail color is the trend of 2023! This striking and vibrant hue is the perfect way to showcase your style. From deep burnt oranges to bright tangerines, you can create a look that is all your own. Whether you choose solids or go for more adventurous patterns, it’s a great way to show off your sense of fun. Not only does orange nail color make for an Insta-worthy manicure, but it is said that this cheerful shade also has an uplifting effect on one's mood - something we could all use a little bit of these days. So step out from the norm and let your nails sparkle with this electrifying hue!


Turn your nails into a statement piece of art with the stunning combination of blue and white nail color. Whichever color you choose as the accent, whether it's a bold midnight blue or a pastel baby blue, combine it with crisp, creamy white for an eye-catching look. You can mix it up with sparkly glitter or opt for matte or glossy finish - whichever way you choose to go, you'll have fashionable nails guaranteed to turn heads! So go on, express yourself and show off your creative side with this perfect nail duo – let everyone know that when it comes to couture nails, you mean business!


I'm so excited about red nail color! It's a classic staple that adds a pop of edginess to any outfit. From orange-reds to deep, wine-like hues, there is something for every style. The creamy texture and creamy formula make it easy to apply and achieve full coverage with just one brush stroke. Depending on the exact shade you choose, you can give your look a sultry vibe or an air of daring sophistication. And when applied with a glossy top coat, it has just the right amount of shine and sparkle - perfect for making heads turn wherever you go!

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